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Nutrition for the entire family
Yum-V’s provides a range of nutritional supplements for children.  Yum-V's vitamins give your kids optimal nutritional value in a delicious flavor they will love. 

Our chocolate flavored bears come in a unique blister pack tray system, making it easy to store and dispense your kids’ vitamins while ensuring the freshness of each delicious bear. Our Pectin jellies are softer and tastier than a gummy and  the pectin enhances vitamin absorption.   

Yum-V's vitamins and supplements are all-natural, contain no artificial colorings or preservatives and are allergen and gluten free.  

Vitamins Your Kids Will Love!
Chocolate bears packed with vitamins & minerals. 
Omega without the 
fishy taste. 
One billion microflora 
per bear. 
For oral health.
Pectin Jellies that 
taste great!
Sambucus Jellies