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Q.  How does dentx work to protect my teeth?
A.  DentX has two ingredients that work to prevent tooth decay.The first is Xylitol which helps prevent cavaties by inhibiting the growth of the Streptococcus mutans, a cavity causing bacteria.  The second ingredient is BLIS K12, a patented oral probiotic that provides advanced protection for teeth and gums. BLIS K12 was developed from a specific strain of S. salivarius,  a common and beneficial oral bacteria, which has been clinically proven to support and promote the health of teeth and gums. 

Q.  If I am using dentx, do I need to brush or floss?
A.  Dentx helps prevent cavities from forming and cleans the mouth but it is not a substitute for dental hygiene.

Q.  How should Dulce supplements be stored?
A.  Dulce supplements should be stored in a cool dry place.  

Q.  What is the shelf life of your products?
A.  When stored properly Dulce supplements have a shelf life of 18 months. 

Q.  Can your products be taken with other products such as other vitamins, cold medicine, etc?
A.  There are no effects while taking other kinds of vitamins or medication such as cough or cold medicine.  On the contrary we recommend combining medical treatment with vitamin reinforcement. 

Q.  When should your products be taken? Before, after or during meals?
A.  It is recommended to take the Dulce supplements with food. They may be taken any time during the day, however it is recommended to take the supplement at the same time every day. 

Q.  Do your products contain any allergens?
A.  Some of our products contain milk derivatives (lactose and milk protein) and some contain lecithin derived from soy. 

Q.  Do these products contain gluten?
A.  Our products do not contain gluten or wheat flour.  The product may contain tiny amounts of tapioca starch or corn starch (less than 10mg per bear) I am diabetic. 

Q.  Can I take any of your products?
A.  Dulce supplements are sugar free and are suitable for diabetics.  
Q.  What kosher certification do Dulce vitamins and supplements have?
A.  All of our vitamins and supplements are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Promotes Oral Health with:
• Xylitol which prevents cavities by inhibiting the growth of cavity causing bacteria.
• BLIS K12, a patented oral probiotic that provides advanced protection for teeth and gums.   

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Other ingredients:  Xylitol, palm oil, nutritional fibers (inulin), soy lecithin, vanilla flavor.

This product contains no yeast, wheat (gluten), corn, eggs, artificial colorings or preservatives. Contains soy and dairy derivatives. 

Individuals that have known soy or dairy allergies should not take this product. 

Certified Non-GMO Ingredients.

Warning: If on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a doctor before use.
t Guaranteed at time of manufacture.
Studies have shown Xylitol to prevent cavity causing bacteria from creating tooth-eating acid. It also reduces the plaque bacteria create and even aids in remineralization – the body’s natural way to strengthen and heal your teeth. 

With continued and sustained xylitol use, the quality of the bacteria in the mouth changes, resulting in fewer decay-causing bacteria on tooth surfaces. Less plaque forms and the level of acids attacking the tooth surface is lowered.

BLIS stands for Bacteriocin Like Inhibitory Substance and is the naturally occuring probiotic organism Streptococcus salivarius. Blis is a patented oral probiotic that provides advanced protection for teeth and gums. This product was discovered by Dr John Tagg in his quest for an alternate to traditional antibiotics. 
Dr. Tag’s research also showed that Blis K12 fought off pathogenic bacteria such as s. pyogenes, the one that causes strep throat, and also reduces the chance of throat related infections. 
Bliss K12 also the better solution for treating bad breath. Most cases of bad breath are caused by odor-causing bacteria that live on the tongue. 

While mouthwash kills the bad bacteria, they re-populate quickly and the problem returns. Products made with BLIS K12 crowd out the bad while leaving room for more good bacteria to thrive. 


Gets into places brushing and flossing cannot.